Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

Creating Partnerships to Simplify Hanging Pictures at Americas Mart Trade Show in Atlanta

Welcome and thanks for reading our blog so hangITstrips can help you simplify hanging pictures! 

We had such a great time at Americas Mart at the Home Décor Show in Atlanta! 🏙 We gave out over 300 sample packets of hangITstrips 📦 and connected with so many nice people who are decorators, frame show owners, gift shop owners, art dealers, realtors and more! 👩🏻👨🏽👧🏼 The real joy for us was watching 👀 people view our demonstration videos. 🎬 When people understood the concept that hangITstrips help you pinpoint the exact location to put the nail 🔨without all the crazy measuring, we repeatedly saw heads nod in amazement and heard things like “Ahhh . . . . I get it now!” or "That is genius!" 😀 👍 We were thrilled that people were captivated by how hangITstrips simplify the process of hanging pictures!

 Neal the creator of hangITstrips meets Courtney who is an interior designer

We now customize orders as well as offer discounts for bulk orders for each of these groups depending on the quantity of the purchase and how you plan on using them.

We also partner with art dealers and frame shops 🖼 by using hangITstrips to hang your artwork/signs and creating a video to share your artwork/signs and our hangITstrips. 

Let's face it life is busy enough! So it is our pleasure to help people simplify the process of hanging pictures so they can get back to the important things in life like spending time with family and friends. 

And Shout-out to Natasha! 

We want to thank Natasha who greeted us (and everyone) with a big smile and encouraging words every cold morning as we entered Building 1. She also sent us on out way each evening with warm wishes! She is enthusiastic and a true example of someone who makes the world a better place! Thank you, Natasha!

Neal and Suzanne enjoying the cold, brisk walk back to our hotel each evening as we dreamed about how we can help the world 🌍 simplify hanging pictures with hangITstrips!

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Happy Hanging!

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  • Melissa Shannon

    Thank you so much for this amazing product! I hung several pictures in my new apartment in about 10 minutes. The BEST part was that hangITstrips allowed me to only make the two holes I needed for each picture. They lined up PERFECTLY level the FIRST time ( I am a little crazy when it comes to pictures being crooked or not even)! No more spending hours patching extra holes when I move out! Thank you!!! I will be ordering more soon!

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