Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

Do you need to hang a picture without nails? hangITstrips uses Command Strip Hooks to hang pictures!

Moving in a dorm or apartment and need to hang pictures without nails or hanging seasonal pictures and decorations and don't want to put nail holes in your wall? Let hangITstrips help! 

Check out how hangITstrips can be used with Command Strip hooks to hang pictures fast and level!

 hangITstrips help you pinpoint the exact location to put the Command Strip hook without all the measuring and get your picture straight every time! See more demonstration videos at

The adhesive on hangITstrips sticks to the wall is comparable to a painter’s tape stickiness, so it will not damage your wall when hanging pictures.

hangITstrips work especially well when the brackets are not the same distance from the top of the frame. This is the real advantage of using hangITstrips. They compensate for this difference and thus ensure that your artwork or picture is level.

When hanging pictures or artwork, we suggest using a torpedo level. It takes two hangITstrips to a hang picture with two brackets (one for each d-bracket or d-ring, saw tooth or keyhole). It takes one hangITstrip to hang a picture using wire or single bracket.

Each packet of hangITstrips includes two different sizes for hanging pictures. You want the hangITstrips to be long enough to attach to the brackets and reach above the frame to adhere to the wall above the artwork. If the brackets are at the top of the frame, then use the short hangITstrips. If the brackets are lower on the frame, then consider using the long hangITstrips to hang your picture.

Whether in a new apartment, dorm or house, let help you hang pictures so you can get back to the important things in life! 

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Happy Hanging!



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