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How to Hang Artwork or Pictures on the Ceiling


Suzanne retired as a school superintendent 👩🏼‍🏫 over a year ago. Many of her colleagues gave her special mementos to remind her of their time together. ❤️Two special friends gave Suzanne this beautiful artwork.


She wanted to enjoy it as she work in her office (she does education consultant work and works on her Life with Neal and Suz blog).  Her office ✏ 📎 is on our loft. She loves it because she can look down on our kitchen and main living area. She can also see the lake ⛵️ while working.  Her craft room ✂️ is adjacent to her office. It is truly her happy place! 😊The ceiling is slanted above the knee wall. She thought it would be cool to hang a picture above her desk. In other words, she wanted to hang it over her desk . . . ON THE CEILING!

First, Neal installed these keyhole brackets. (On a personal note, Suzanne loves how her sweet friends wrote a personal note on the back. 😊) 

But now . . . how to secure this to the ceiling?

🤔 This is where hangITstrips came in handy! 

Click here to see how to use them to hang pictures with two brackets; they pinpoint the exact location for the nail without all the crazy measuring. 👍

Below is how we used them to hang this picture on the ceiling. There is adhesive that sticks to the frame.

Here is a a picture with both hangITstrips adhered to the top two keyhole brackets. 

We placed the artwork on the wall where we wanted it and then adhered the top of the hangITstrips to the wall. 

Typically, we would use a level to ensure the frame is straight, but we used the edge of the wood plank as our guide this time. We pulled down on the frame and the hangITstrips broke to pinpoint the exact location for our screw. The picture below shows where the  hourglass part of the hangITstrips broke to pinpoint the exact location for the screw. 

The hangITstrips are hanging due to gravity; however, when you press them down (see picture below), the point (where the hourglass broke) pinpoints the exact location for the screws. 

Now we installed screws. 

We used hangITstrips again on the bottom two keyholes to pinpoint the exact location for these screws. 

We inserted the top keyhole brackets on the top screws and then gently pulled up this time to break the hangITstrips. 

The hourglass on the hangITstrips broke pinpointed the exact location for our bottom screws. (Again, gravity caused them to hang over.) 

However, when we smoothed down each hangITstrip, they pinpointed exactly where to install our bottom screws. 

We installed the two bottom screws and secured the artwork on the ceiling! VOILA! 

Suzanne enjoys this beautiful and sentimental artwork each time she works at her desk. If you want to simplify hanging artwork or pictures on any surface, order hangITstrips here.

hangITstrips help you pinpoint the exact location for the nail/screw without all the crazy measuring and ensure that your artwork is level. Check out more how to videos here about hangITstrips or click here to see even more videos on YouTube. Some people use masking or painter's tape, but if the brackets on the picture are not the same distance from the top of the frame, you will go crazy trying to get this right. hangITstrips automatically compensate for any difference.

Let us know what you think about how we hung this artwork on the ceiling. Also, ask any questions you have about hangITstrips.

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Happy Hanging! 




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