Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

Say No to Painter's Tape Hack When Hanging Pictures

When hanging pictures, the painter's tape or masking tape hack only works when the two brackets are the same distance from the top of the frame. The tape only allows you to determine the distance between the brackets. However, if the brackets are different distances from the top of the frame, your picture or artwork will NOT be level. 

The only way to get the picture level without complicated measuring is to use hangITstrips. They ensure your artwork and pictures are level by pinpointing the exact location for your nails without any measuring and without extra nail holes on your wall -- even if the brackets are different distances from the top of the frame. This is the exact problem hangITstrips were created to solve. 

See how hangITstrips compensate for the brackets being different distances from the top of the frame. 

 hangITstrips also work on pictures and artwork of all shapes and sizes and on any wall surfaces. 

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Happy Hanging!


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