Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

Five Ways to Hang Pictures LEVEL, Fast and Easy!


When we moved in a new house ūüŹ°a few years ago, Neal dreaded hanging all the artwork and pictures. ūüĖľSuzanne had leaned them against the wall where she wanted Neal to hang each picture. Neal knew he would spend all day Saturday measuring, marking and possibly saying a few ugly words in frustration! ūü§¨

That night, Neal thought there had to be a better . . . EASIER way to hang pictures! ūü§ĒThis is when he thought of hangITstrips. He made the first prototypes out of post-it note chart paper using an exacto knife. He used his prototype to hang ALL our pictures and artwork fast, easy, LEVEL and without any¬†extra nail holes in the wall! ūüĎćWe were stunned by his nifty invention. Years later, we have patented this product and now sell hangITstrips¬†online.

1. Use hangITstrips to hang picture with D-rings.

2. Use hangITstrips to hang pictures with sawtooth brackets. 


3. Use hangITstrips to hang pictures with keyhole brackets.

4. You can also use hangITstrips to hang pictures with wire! 


5. You can use hangITstrips on large or odd-shaped artwork or pictures. 


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Click here to see more demonstration videos on our website on how to use hangITstrips or click here to see even more videos on YouTube. 

hangITstrips helps you hang pictures or artwork level by pinpointing the exact location for your nails without any measuring and without extra nail holes on your wall, even if the brackets are different distances from the top of the frame. hangITstrips enables you to hang pictures of all shapes and sizes and on any wall surfaces. 

Please let us know what you think of Neal's invention and give us feedback on how hangITstrips worked for you!

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Happy Hanging! 



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