Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

To Market We Go to share how hangITstrips simplify hanging pictures!

We are preparing to go to the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market this week. We can't wait to share how hangITstrips simplify hanging pictures! We will set up a temporary booth for five days. We are taking over 1,000 sample packets (over 16,000 actual strips) of hangITstrips and look forward to getting feedback about our new product. 


Now, we make the packets using a laser printer, a folder, three different types of 3M tape, and a custom die cutter. However, we are exploring manufacturing options. 

The picture below shows the long hangITstrips as they are coming out of the folder (after the first fold); the long hangITstrips are folded twice for packaging purposes. 

The next two pictures show the long hangITstrips after the first fold (after the 3M tape has been applied to both sides). 

This picture shows the long hangITstrips after 3M tape has been added to both sides and they have been folded twice. They are ready to cut.

The next two pictures show the short and long hangITstrips ready to be cut in the custom die cutter. 

Our goal is to help people simplify the process of hanging pictures, eliminate extra nail holes in the wall, and hang art fast and easy! 

Atlanta Mart here we come! 

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Happy Hanging!


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