Do you HATE hanging pictures? Let hangITstrips help!

We want to start off our first blog post by telling you more about our company. We are a husband and wife team (Neal and Suzanne Freeman) and our son Ryan has helped us with some of our graphics. I (Suzanne) am a retired school superintendent with 31 years in public education and Neal is a real estate appraiser; we live on Logan Martin Lake ⛵️in Talladega, Alabama.

A few years ago when we moved in our new house in Pike Road, Alabama, I leaned all the pictures against the walls where I wanted it to be hung. Neal dreaded hanging pictures because he knew he would spend all day measuring, marking spots and still end up with multiple nails holes in the wall. 😬 If he just used wire and not two d-brackets or saw tooth brackets, the pictures would not hang straight over time, which would drive me crazy 😜, so he knew he would need to hang the pictures using two brackets to ensure the pictures would be (and stay) level.

He thought there had to be an easier way to hang pictures. This is when we thought of hangITstrips (coincidentally after watching Shark Tank). He made his first prototype from post-it note chart paper and using an exacto knife. He used these prototypes for hanging all the pictures in our new house. He hung all the pictures quickly without ANY extra nail holes in the wall! 👏🏻👍😀

Since then, Neal has perfected hangITstrips and now has a patent. We make hangITstrips from our home using 3M double sided tape, a paper folder and a custom-made die cutter. However, we are exploring manufacturing options.

We toyed with several names, but landed on hangITstrips because the acronym is HIS. If this ends up being a successful product, like all our blessings in life, this is truly HIS. 🙏 

Thanks for reading how hangITstrips were created to simplify hanging pictures. We hope that using hangITstrips ensures that your pictures are level without extra nail holes in your wall and enables you to hang pictures fast and easy! 

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Happy Hanging!


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    This is a cool product!

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